Nicky Pickyy

Who is Nicky Pickyy? Nicky Pickyy is one of the rising models in Bollywood. Recently she became the talk of the town after modeling a song with Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Early life

Nicole Padival is mostly known as Nicky Pickyy. She was born in India. Currently, she is staying in Bangalore, India. She lives with her family.


There has no confidential answer where she completed her study. Pickyy is a student of Fashion Design.

Personal Life

In her personal life, she loves to meet new people and acting. Nicky says I love to play so many roles and looks for something to look forward to.

Nicole Padival said in an interview, The secret of her beauty is getting regular sleep and drinking enough water. And also said she doesn’t like to make up too much. Nicole Padival loves to drink coconut and lemon water.

Nicky Pickyy’s Boyfriend

Nicky Pickyy didn’t get married yet. Her Facebook profile says she is single. This rising model claims she doesn’t have any boyfriend.


As far as we know Nicole Padival did not work a lot. But she participated in a lot of fashion show programs as a model and most of them are commercial shows.

Local song of Nicky Pickyy

Science 2020 Nicky Pickyy has one music video with an Indian famous singer, actress, producer, and model Yo Yo Honey Sing.


So far no album has been released. But recently she becomes the talk of the town after collaborating in a song call Loca as a model with popular rap and Panjabi singer Yo Yo Honey Sing. The song released in March 2020.


Nicole Padival participates in many fashion shows. Most of them are commercial. She did not win any national or international awards until 2020.

Favorite Actor/actress

Nicky Pickyy’s favorite actor is Salman Khan and the favorite actress is Dipika Padukone.

This was about the rising Indian model Nicole Padival who is known as l Nicky Pickyy. In near future, we will add more updates and information. Thanks.

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